Super Start Battery Date Code

Super Start Battery Date Code

Super Start Battery Date Code. This will allow you to ensure you’re getting a brand new super start battery in your vehicle. Look for a code that begins with one of the letters of the alphabet (a through l) and is followed by a number.

Another 12v Battery Option O'Reilly's Super Start Extreme
Another 12v Battery Option O'Reilly's Super Start Extreme from

The shocker was the $165 price before tax, more than twice the price for the same 94r battery purchased 3.5 years ago. Batteries come in all shapes and sizes for different vehicles. You will often find the manufacture date hot stamped onto the side of the battery as a code.

I Just Bought A Super Start From Oreillys And It Had A Date Code Sticker Showing L13.

However, whatever the order may be, the date remains the same as the letter and number remain the same. “k” (1st character) means year 2000. How to read us battery date codes flooded lead acid:

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For example, 3/15 would simply mean the battery was manufactured in march 2015. Whether needing a car battery or truck battery, super start provides premium quality power solutions to handle even the toughest environments. This is how you can tell the age of your battery.

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Super start battery warranty check. Inspect the battery to locate the date code. We make it easy to find and confirm you have selected the best compatible.

Super Start Offers High Quality Batteries With A Nationwide Warranty And Free Replacement (Up To 3 Years Depending On The Product).

Car batteries are stamped with a date code, either on the battery's case or an attached label. It will be stamped on the battery case or on the label that is on the battery. This limited warranty is extended by super start batteries exclusively.

• The Second Two Numbers Specify The Day Of The Month, From 01 To 31.

The amount of corrosion on and around the terminals is an indicator of age. The first two digits in the date code are the most important. The number refers to the year in which the battery was made.

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